Cataphoretic coating

Steel Cataphoretic Painting/Coating

Cataphoretic coating is a surface treatment which offers iron, steel and other alloys (as long as they conduct current) impressive levels of resistance against corrosion.

This technique is characterised by the uniform depositing of an epoxy or acrylic resin on the surface of the product.

This ensures elevated protection against chemcial and environmental agents for a long period of time, in addition to allowing perfect adhesion of any paint finishing. Acrylic resin is different to epoxy resin in that even where it remains in direct contact with atmospheric agents, it retains its technical characteristics, and therefore guarantees greater protection against rust.

The paint comprises resin, pigments and solvents, all of which are dissolved in water. The resins have a kind of composition which makes them water-soluble and a slightly acid environment, where they form a fairly stable suspension of microscopic particles (known as micelles).

The cataphoretic coating procedure involves emerging the pieces, which are connected to a negative pole with an electrical generator, in a bath where some electrodes are connected to a positive pole. The electrical field and the electrochemical phenomena which result cause the deposition on the piece and the solidification of the paint, which is then polymerised in an oven.

Cataphoretic coating has replaced anaphoretic coating, a technique which is conceptually similar but in which the poles are inverted, a process which is currently becoming obsolete and which has been replaced by cataphoretic coating. Galv.Ar is able to guarantee the best qualitative standards and eccellent result on items which are treated with this technique, thanks to know-how which has been acquired over many years of activity and due to ongoing research to offer clients the very best results.

Materials which are treatable: Raw or electrolytically or heat galvansed steel, aluminium, stainless steel

Techncial characteristics:

  • Maximum useful dimension 1,350 x 1.350 x 700mm
  • Applicable thickness: from 10 to 30 microns
  • Resistance to saline mist: up to 700 hours
  • The colour available for this type of treatment is semi-gloss black

The cataphoretic coating treatment comprises the application of a paint product, by total emersion, through an electrical field which is generated by supplying a continuous current.