Galv.Ar Srl is a modern company specialised in galvanic zinc coating, thermosetting powder coating and cataphoresis. The company has lengthy experience in galvanic zinc treatments, having been in the sector since 1973. Our constant work, together with technologicial updates and improvements, a close working relationship with our clients to resolve difficulties, careful attention to staff training, have all enabled Galv.Ar Srl to grow and to stay ahead of the field.

Our defining characteristic is the exceptional production flexibility which we have in relation to large series as well as to smaller ones, for minute pieces as well as those of larger dimensions (from the single element for furnishing right through to heavy-joinery pieces). We are able to do all of this and, at the same time, pay close attention to our clients’ requirements, showing great adaptability.

Galv.Ar Srl currently enjoys quality certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and adheres to EMAS Regulation.

Galv.Ar Srl was constituted as a company in 2000, but its origins go back to 1973.

In 1984, the original company was transformed into Galvanica Aretina Snc which, following the acquisition of land in the crafts area of St. Lazzaro (Arezzo) constructed a new factory where new and updated plant was installed for galvanic zinc coating. The quality of the finished product and the rapidity of delivery times reaffirmed the reputation of the company Galvanica Aretina in the sector of the treatment and finishing of surfaces.

In 1994, after a careful logistical reorganisation of company spaces, semi-automatic plant was installed within the production cycles for phospho-cleaning and thermosetting powder coating.

In 1998, due to the continuing evolution in demand and the expansion of markets, the directors Tiezzi and Montini decided to extend the company by purchasing new factory land in the zone of Pieve al Toppo (Arezzo).

In 1999, Galv.Ar Srl was launched which boasted a brand-new 1,400 square metre factory with all the latest modern automated plant for the various galvanising and paint treatments. In 2003, the constant search for improvement in company management enabled Galv.Ar Srl to attain the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification.

In 2004, following the constant updating Galv.Ar Srl realised a further factory extension to the pre-existing one, of 450 sq metres, which were able to host in January 2005 the subsequent renewals and enhancements to the powder-coating plant. In the same year, the company acquired land adjacent to the current factory, for future company expansion.

In 2006, a new warehouse was built which today houses the companny Nautica Galv.Ar Srol.

In 2007, cataphoretic coating plant was installed.