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Galv.Ar Srl deals with industrial galvanisation in Arezzo, offering zinc-coating, hot-dip galvanising, cataphoretic coating, painting, sanding, dehydrogenation and paint-stripping of iron, brass and copper items of various dimensions. Our services are principally employed in the fields of precision engineering, industrial electronics, robotics as well as in the automotive and motorbike industries

With over ten years of experience in the field, Galv.Ar Srl has become a consolidated point of reference in galvanisation in Arezzo and province. The company conducts its galvanisation activities at its place of business at Pieve al Toppo (Arezzo Province), on metallic items, enhancing certain characteristics, such as the resistance to corrosion or to the electrical, mechanical and aesthetic properties.
The company’s long history in the galvanisation business in Arezzo has made Galv.Ar a reliable and competent partner, which is able to undertake services such as galvanisation, hot-dip galvanising, painting, sanding, dehydrogenisation and paint-stripping rapidly and in safety.
The galvanisation processes undertaken by us enhance the functionality and the aesthetics of the items treated, increasing their durability and improving performance, whilst ensuring resistance to oxidising agents and, at the same time, compliance with the environmental tests required by law.

As is well-documented, the preparation of the material to be treated is fundamental in ensuring the success of the galvanisation procedure. For this reason, we check the items undergoing zinc-coating carefully.
Thanks to our specially-designed plant, our company can offer flexibility in production, and we are able to handle both small and large runs of items to be treated. Similarly, we are can deal with both very small and very large items.
We do not content ourselves simply with carrying out galvanisation treatments; we wish to assist our clients and help them find the best processes and finishings which are most suitable to their particular project, and to offer assistance in order to resolve any difficulties which may arise quickly and effectively.
Choose a quality service: choose Galv.Ar, your trusted partner for zinc-coating/galvanisation in Arezzo and Province.

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