Paint removal from metals

Thanks to Galv.Ar’s modern plant and machinery, the company has been offering a chemical paint-stripping service since May 2017. This service is especially useful for iron, stainless steel, brass, copper etc…. 

The paint-stripping of metal is an important process and consists of the removal of old paint and of any impurities present on the surface of the object, such as rust or dirt.

This process therefore removes paint, even from internal cavities; additionally, the products do not suffer any deformation or chromatic alterations.

The liquid dips, which are rapid and odourless, are substituted at regular intervals, maximising the efficiency of the plant and guaranteeing continuity of performance.

The maximum dimensions of items to be treated are 1,300 x 800 x 550 mm. Galv.Ar is ever-sensitive to issues of environmental protection and preservation and as such ensures full conformity of all chemical products used for paint-stripping within the factory, and which are therefore environmentally friendly.

The paint-stripping processes are not dangerous and limit the exposure time of the operator and reduce energy consumption and the quantity of waste produced. This is achieved through the recycling of solvents.